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The Post ★★★½

If Spotlight winning Best Picture brought back The Newspaper Movie, it did so in more of a nostalgic way. We watch newspaper films in the same way that we watch a Jane Austen adaptation. They’re moreRead Full Review


The Florida Project ★★★½

Many artists claim to want to speak toward the common people, to display the struggle of our lower classes, to make a case against our rigged socioeconomic structure. Few filmmakers walk the walk the sameRead Full Review


Girls Trip ★★★½

Girls Trip is aiming at a target so small, and so far away, that it’s a miracle that it is able to hit that target with such precision and grace. The film tries and succeedsRead Full Review


Dunkirk ★★★½

I’m eternally fascinated by Christopher Nolan. He seems to connect the dots between the mainstream powerhouses of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas with the offbeat video generation of Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh; and heRead Full Review


The Big Sick ★★★½

It’s easy to watch a film like The Big Sick and think that it’s probably too long, to punish it as another Judd Apatow-associated piece that lacks for editorial integrity. But that would actually be incorrect. TheRead Full Review


Free Fire ★★★½

Martin Scorsese is a popular filmmaker because he has an innate sense of editing and timing, particularly with regards to tension and character; and also because he, for all intents and purposes, created the Soundtrack Movie. Now,Read Full Review


Graduation ★★★½

The cinematic world of Christian Mungiu is a bleak place indeed. The Romanian filmmaker won the top honor at the Cannes Film Festival – the much-coveted Palme D’Or – in 2007 for his brutal abortionRead Full Review


Julieta ★★★½

The coupling of legendary Oscar-winning Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar and Nobel Prize-winning Canadian short story writer Alice Munro might seem surprising on paper, but not when you get the chance to see Julieta. Both are suchRead Full Review


Neruda ★★★½

As I watched Pablo Larraín’s Neruda, I was reminded of two releases from the end of 2016: Jackie and Paterson. Jackie was also a film by Larraín and, like Neruda, also a biopic (about Jacqueline Kennedy) that played with the mythologyRead Full Review


20th Century Women ★★★½

The protagonist of 20th Century Women is a teenage boy who’s trying really hard to understand women. He calls himself a feminist at one point, and makes a point to let women know of his awarenessRead Full Review


Arrival ★★★½

If you’re making a film about communication, it’s important to make a point about just how bad the human race is at it. On the surface, Arrival is nothing new. When the Earth is visited byRead Full Review


Little Men ★★★½

Ira Sachs’ last two films are such a beautiful distillation of everyday life, a peep into the domestic sides of New York City living that is both poignant and direct. 2014’s Love is Strange was aRead Full Review


Love & Friendship ★★★½

“Facts are such horrid things!” cries Lady Susan, the main focus of Whit Stillman’s latest film, Love & Friendship, and it’s a statement that captures so truly the obtuse, ridiculous nature of this woman. TheRead Full Review


Louder Than Bombs ★★★½

Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier has already shown that he’s an unmatched talent in film right now. His third feature, Louder Than Bombs, is his first one in English. A plot description might suggest a limpRead Full Review


Zootopia ★★★½

Calling Zootopia a film for children is not inaccurate, but it skips a very important piece of information: the substance in this film’s screenplay (written by co-director Jared Bush and Phil Johnston) is made forRead Full Review

The Savages ★★★½

Ever since her charming feature Slums of Beverly Hills, filmmaker Tamara Jenkins has been MIA in movie theaters. Luckily, her return to filmmaking is with a film with such a great amount of heart, that itRead Full Review

The Darjeeling Limited ★★★½

The Darjeeling Limited is the tale of three overbearing brothers who reunite after a year of not seeing each other, and decide to embark on a spiritual journey throughout the religious temples of India. That plotRead Full Review

Across The Universe ★★★½

I must admit, before writing this review, that I’ve been a stringent Beatles fan since about age four. I’ll also admit that when brought forth the idea of a musical film, staged totally around theRead Full Review