Month: June 2015

The Overnight

Earlier this month, Grantland published a piece about new-arriving filmmaker Patrick Brice and his interesting predicament: his first two features were coming out on the same day. His first film, Creep, is a mumblecore thriller starring Brice andRead Full Review


You watch a film like Dope and it makes it very clear just how uninspiring most mainstream films can be. When a film this fresh comes along, it’s hard not to be enthused by its very energy,Read Full Review

Inside Out

The preciousness of Pixar Studios – the wholly brilliant subgroup of Disney Films that’s created several classics, including WALL-E and The Incredibles – is nothing new. It’s one thing for a single director to possess the talent to produceRead Full Review

Jurassic World

Before Jurassic World even starts, we know that the logic here is all wrong. If we’re meant to believe that all of the Jurassic films exist in the same universe (and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t) then it’sRead Full Review

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

The first half-hour of Sundance indie Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was close to unbearable to me. It’s overwhelming supply of indie dramedy snark felt suffocating. Here’s Nick Offerman inexplicably cuddling a cat. Here’s theRead Full Review


After I saw Welcome To Me, I was impressed by Kristen Wiig’s continued efforts to carve out a filmography within quirky independent films, as opposed to taking advantage of the commercial appeal of her breakout hit Bridesmaids.Read Full Review