Month: October 2009

A Serious Man

If we are to believe that the Coen Brothers are the seminal filmmakers of their generation, it is mostly because of a style that they pioneered. A style that has stayed consistent throughout their careersRead Full Review

Up in the Air

I don’t like flying in planes. The anxiety of being up in the air so high plagues me weeks before any planned flight. I actually lose sleep in anticipation of flying, so I try toRead Full Review


There are a handful of people in history that you can just name and think “I’d like to see a movie about this person”. Amelia Earhart is one of those people. Unfortunately, Amelia seems to be aRead Full Review

Where the Wild Things Are

I’ll admit that I cannot be fair when reviewing this film. As a child, I was read the original story in beds, libraries, and classrooms. It was a seminal story of my childhood, and manyRead Full Review

Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore is mad as fuck, and he’s not going to take it anymore. He’s taken his bazookas and ICBMs, and he’s pointing them square into the face of the American economy–or more specifically, ourRead Full Review

Bright Star

John Keats died in 1821, when he was only slightly older than twenty-five years old. He left behind a rather vast and exceptional collection of poems, which established him as one of the greatest ofRead Full Review

Whip It

Within the theater where I screened the new film Whip It, the seats were filled with numerous women and small girls decked in roller derby gear: fishnet stockings, neon-colored shirts, short shorts, etc. My knowledge ofRead Full Review