Month: May 2022


Top Gun: Maverick

Not much has changed for Naval Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the last thirty-six years. Despite a well-decorated career as one of the world’s most skilled jet pilots, he has passed on promotions that would gainRead Full Review



When our long-suffering heroine, Harper Marlowe (played by Jesse Buckley), arrives at her holiday cottage in the countryside, she sees an apple tree. Picking one off the branch, she takes a bite, instantly recalling EveRead Full Review



The timeliness of Happening is not incidental. I don’t mean that this French abortion drama timed its release with a heartbreaking American news cycle. I mean that part of the film’s thesis is that there is neverRead Full Review


On the Count of Three

Two friends damaged by abusive childhoods. One of them is in a psych ward after attempting suicide. The other is paralyzed by his own emotional stasis. Neither wants to live, so why not help eachRead Full Review


Montana Story

In a scene boosted by stunning scenic imagery in the second half of Montana Story, one of our main characters (played by Haley Lu Richardson) speaks of the indoctrination she received as a child for natural wonder. ThisRead Full Review


Anaïs In Love

“I’m too carefree,” expresses the title character midway through Anaïs In Love, “A voice tells me ‘You could die tomorrow, so make the most of it’”. From the opening frame, Anaïs moves like a character whoseRead Full Review