Month: December 2014

American Sniper

Chris Kyle’s reputation precedes him. His record as a Navy SEAL seems impossible, inhuman. As he’s touted on the cover of his memoir and in the trailer for Clint Eastwood’s latest film, he’s the mostRead Full Review

Mr. Turner

There isn’t a single Mike Leigh film which doesn’t feel like a passion project of his, and so it’s almost surprising to learn that Mr. Turner is the film that he had hoped to make all hisRead Full Review

Inherent Vice

There are logistical reasons why famed post-modernist writer Thomas Pynchon hasn’t had any movies made from his novels until now. His books are all about mood and feeling, wondrous prose surrounding characters that are moreRead Full Review

Still Alice

Still Alice is Lifetime Channel-level melodrama. It’s based on a Lisa Genova novel about an Ivy League linguistics professor who’s life is dismantled by early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. The story is ripe for tragedy and, directedRead Full Review


One figures that when Reese Witherspoon negotiated the purchase of the film rights to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl in 2011, she may have pondered tackling the role of Amy Dunne, the fascinatingly evasive anti-heroine of Flynn’s novel.Read Full Review

The Imitation Game

Alan Turing is a fascinating man whose life was ended tragically early by a society that was so intolerant of homosexuality that it couldn’t even tolerate one that helped keep it from being destroyed. HeRead Full Review