Month: April 2011


There’s something particularly sweet about how bizarre a film like Hesher is. Think about this: here, we have a movie led by a character that speaks in so many non sequiturs that we eventually just get usedRead Full Review

Source Code

I cannot say whether or not Duncan Jones is a fan of the 1993 Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day, but I may suggest to him to check out that film’s screenplay. In it, Phil (a characterRead Full Review

Win Win

When I originally saw the trailer for Win Win, I turned to a friend of mine and asked, “Does that movie look really good? Because I’m at a point in my life where anything that starsRead Full Review

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is considered to be amongst the greatest of the Gothic-Romantic novels of its time. When you read it, with its underlying sexual tension chastising the hypocritical nature of 1840’s culture, you almost haveRead Full Review