Month: March 2014

Ernest and Celestine

The quality of narrative within American animated films has risen so incredibly within the last two decades, so much so that Pixar is far from the only animation studio making delightfully entertaining movies for allRead Full Review

Le Week-End

The list is endless with film titles detailing the taxing burden of marriage, the soul-sucking slog that follows the ‘Happily Ever After’ so many other stories like to finish on. Two for the Road and Blue Valentine, twoRead Full Review

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The overall majesty of Wes Anderson is tough to pinpoint. There’s a downright stubbornness to the dedication he brings to his precious, dioramic stories, and with each film, there is a creeping feeling that theRead Full Review

The Wind Rises

The empire of Studio Ghibli is about to lose its foremost patriarch, the legendary filmmaker Hayao Mayazaki – or so he says. His latest film, The Wind Rises, is meant to be his final work beforeRead Full Review