Month: October 2008


The story of Christine Collins is the kind that is tailor-made for a filmmaker for Clint Eastwood. Powerful, long-winded, and profound, Changeling is not a huge stretch, thematically or stylistically, from the last couple of films EastwoodRead Full Review

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Kevin Smith is a genius when it comes to writing smart, irreverent, and most of all hilarious dialogue. His films Dogma, Chasing Amy, and Clerksare brilliant exercises in the extremity of what “dirty words” are. Not only that,Read Full Review

Rachel Getting Married

Jonathan Demme is an Oscar-winning filmmaker who has made such seminal films as Melvin and Howard and The Silence of the Lambs. The last few years of his career have been plagued by unneeded remakes (The Manchurian Candidate, TheRead Full Review


The administration of George W. Bush has been one of the most shameful in American history. It has everything: deceit, violence, religious fanaticism, essentially anything except for infidelity (And the Republicans call Democrats heathens justRead Full Review

Flash of Genius

I don’t really know how much significance the intermittent windshield wiper has had on our lives, but both the film Flash of Genius, and the film’s subject Dr. Robert Kearns, feel that it has had tremendousRead Full Review


Fernando Meirelles’ new film Blindness was chosen to open up this year’s Cannes Film Festival, which is a great honor in the film world. It was universally panned by all the critics there, and passed off asRead Full Review


Bill Maher is not someone who is confused about his ideals. He has spent a career in stand-up comedy, and most recently, hosting his HBO show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’, blasting everything he couldRead Full Review