Month: August 2022


The Good Boss

Because we’ve all seen movies before, we know that Javier Bardem’s egomaniacal factory owner in The Good Boss will be anything but good. The title is a sly nod to its audience that knows that theRead Full Review


Three Thousand Years of Longing

Mythical fables involving wish-granting genies are some of the oldest stories we’ve ever told. They are almost always parables about the unforeseen consequences of getting what we’ve always wanted. The latest film from George Miller, Three ThousandRead Full Review



Watching Beast is watching the perfection of a movie that has a complete understanding of what it is. There are no sly tricks, no unbroken promises. There is the assurance of suspense, characters hampered by domestic drama,Read Full Review


Bodies Bodies Bodies

There are some legitimate reasons for the cultural fascination around Gen Z youths. The first generation with no experience of a pre-internet world has, no surprise, very skewed perceptions on society and human behavior. The banalRead Full Review


Emily the Criminal

The post-Parks and Recreation career of Aubrey Plaza has been exponentially more interesting than I ever could have predicted. In between the occasional Hollywood paychecks of Dirty Grandpa or Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, she has beenRead Full Review



The Predator has traveled throughout the film series. He’s been to the Central American jungle, he’s been to 90’s gangland Los Angeles. He’s fought the xenomorph alien from Alien both here and abroad. One place he’sRead Full Review