Month: March 2010

Punching the Clown

Did Robert Altman perfect the Hollywood satire with his biting film The Player? Probably, but it hasn’t stopped many filmmakers from trying to top him. Punching The Clown is a film that gives it a shot. It’s aRead Full Review


Noah Baumbach seems to have a soft spot for insufferable assholes. In an effort to expose the darkest, more honest aspects of the human condition, Baumbach exposes his viewers to pretty grotesque psychological images. InRead Full Review


There’s a reason that psycho-sexual films don’t do well in the United States. As a country, America is supremely sexually repressed and gawk at the sight of real, sincere perversion being displayed on film. ItRead Full Review

The Ghost Writer

Roman Polanski is a person whose reputation precedes him on several levels. But for the purposes of this blog, let us just say that every time he releases a new film, it is a eventRead Full Review