Month: March 2018


The Death of Stalin

Armando Ianucci’s brand of political satire is so biting, so eviscerating, scattershot, and so specific in its intricate detailing of byzantine bureaucracy. How does something so obtuse and blunt in its delivery also manage to be soRead Full Review


The Party

Sally Potter’s The Party is a political film. Or, at least, it’s a film about how everything in our lives has become political or, if you prefer, how politics is in everything we consume and loveRead Full Review



It’s an interesting trend I’m seeing in the science fiction movies of the last few years: they seem to be pondering the end (or at least the complete irrelevance) of the human race as aRead Full Review


Black Panther

I’ve long come undone in my quest to keep abreast of the Marvel cinematic universe. I’ve seen the Iron Mans and two Avengers films, and out of those five, we got two terrific movies and three duds.Read Full Review