Month: June 2013

This is the End

This is the End seems like the epitome of comedic success. You make enough hit movie comedies and you too can be given $32 million to make a movie with all of your friends, not evenRead Full Review

Much Ado About Nothing

If Much Ado About Nothing does anything for the image of pop filmmaker Joss Whedon, it surely extends the range of fanboy-ism that is so synonymous with his image. Filmmakers have re-done Shakespeare often, and will probably continueRead Full Review

The Bling Ring

This year’s new Sofia Coppola movie dissects celebrity through an unfamiliar prism. In other words, this year’s new Sofia Coppola movie is a lot like every other Sofia Coppola movie. I imagine that growing upRead Full Review

Before Midnight

Richard Linklater’s Before… series is easily one of my favorite film trilogies of all time. Born in 1995, from the dialogue exercise Before Sunrise, which took a young Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy and put them in Vienna,Read Full Review

Stories We Tell

Documentaries simply don’t unveil themselves the way that Stories We Tell does. At once, a story about a family, it transforms itself into a story about a mother, than a daughter, two separate fathers before ultimately becomingRead Full Review

Frances Ha

The cinema of Noah Baumbach is usually bitter, awkward in the most cringe-worthy definitions of the word, and derivative references from the various poles of the cinematic/literary world. It’s hard not to watch the firstRead Full Review