Month: July 2016


Café Society ★

Woody Allen has finally achieved a complete separation between his films and reality, and his films now only exist in that ulterior universe. To the degree that Woody Allen movies are bad, they’re usually badRead Full Review


Ghostbusters ★★★

Grounded in the shockingly politicized release of Paul Feig’s remake of Ghostbusters is this cold truth: we didn’t need a remake ofGhostbusters. That said, we also didn’t need a remake of Point Break, Annie and we CERTAINLYRead Full Review


Captain Fantastic ★★★

The most foolish aspect of the early-decade McConaissance (which inexplicably ended with the Academy giving him an Oscar for the vapid, polarizing Dallas Buyers Club), was that everything we were drooling over – the earthyRead Full Review


Our Kind of Traitor ★★★

The literature of John le Carré has long been a favorite of film studios. His stories of espionage and betrayal are always ripe with character and complex plotlines that weave together brilliantly, almost too conveniently,Read Full Review


The Neon Demon ★½

The first thirty minutes of Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest film, The Neon Demon, really is marvelous. It presents a haunting but colorful universe, filled with beautiful but sinister people. Even the manager at the runRead Full Review


Wiener-Dog ★★

This is the Todd Solondz we know so well. Where the return of Welcome to the Dollhouse‘s Dawn Wiener would come packaged haphazardly within an aimless anthology film titled Wiener-Dog. The film is four stories,Read Full Review


Independence Day: Resurgence ★

Roland Emmerich has destroyed the world on so many occasions, and in such a wide scope of ways, that it’s hard to remember just how groundbreaking his 1996 film Independence Day really was. Hollywood had beenRead Full Review