Month: October 2022


Armageddon Time

New York City is essential to the films of James Gray, where the outer boroughs provide a home for his various downtrodden characters. His last two films – The Lost City of Z and Ad Astra –Read Full Review



The story of Emmett Till is a tragedy that has haunted several generations. His senseless murder at the hands of white men in Money, Mississippi caused a major shift in American politics which crescendoed in the CivilRead Full Review


The Banshees of Inisherin

The characters in The Banshees of Inisherin do not behave logically. In a way, the entire plot is pushed forward by inexplicable behavior by some and absolute befuddlement by others. As you watch, you may find yourselfRead Full Review



The power of memory can be arresting. Fleeting, but at times vivid, they are the foundations with which we build the story of own lives. We can’t trust our memories to be accurate, but weRead Full Review


Decision to Leave

If Park Chan-wook’s success in the early 2000s is defined by the brutality of hit films like Lady Vengeance and Oldboy, his latest decade is more defined by his sensuality. The violence never left, but in films like Stoker andRead Full Review


Triangle of Sadness

It’s fascinating to me that a director as divisive as Ruben Östlund could win two Palme D’Ors in such a short amount of time. His idea of satire – nihilistic and mean, shooting the biggestRead Full Review



The finest orchestras in the world are filled with musicians skilled and fortified with a lifetime of practice and discipline who play their instruments to the peak of perfection; but who plays the orchestra? In a longRead Full Review


God’s Creatures

In the windswept, coastal Irish village that is the setting of God’s Creatures, harshness is a part of everyday life. We never learn what the town is called. The sky is a permanent gray and the ocean tideRead Full Review



If one wanted to be generous to writer-director Andrew Dominik, they might say that his punishing, persistently unpleasant Blonde is a call of solidarity with its protagonist, Marilyn Monroe. An attempt to ease her painRead Full Review



The death of the romantic comedy has been declared high and low. Some say that it’s because Hollywood has sworn off all mid-budget adult movies to further invest in blockbuster spectacle, while others claim that movieRead Full Review