Month: December 2015


Charlie Kaufman’s view of the human experience can be so despairing, so bankrupt of cheer and spontaneity, that one must thank their lucky stars that he is incredibly funny, and also that he is anRead Full Review

45 Years

Domestic dramas are a dime a dozen, and while many can be histrionic amd verbose like Revolutionary Road (a good film in its own right) , there are times when you get something as subtly beautiful and stunningRead Full Review

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

In our latest podcast (shameless plug!), I had outed myself as a Star Wars agnostic. My appreciation for the films’ effect on the culture far outweighs any appreciation I have for the films themselves. Any childhood enthusiasm I’d cultivatedRead Full Review

Son of Saul

The glut of Holocaust films can lead some to wonder whether filmmakers have ever heard of a single other human tragedy. The evil behind it is so calculated, so diabolical, it still seems like humansRead Full Review


What we see here with Chi-Raq is the Spike Lee of Bamboozled. That 2000 film was an extraordinarily bleak satire that seemed to epitomize Lee’s ultimate frustration with the use of black culture within the greater pop culture. Bamboozled isRead Full Review


Before any of the action in Mustang starts, we see at least a dozen different international companies attached to its production, which is how a film by a Turkish filmmaker which takes place in Turkey and castRead Full Review


Consider the opening shot of Youth. It’s not incredibly complicated. It consists of a young woman singing into a microphone, in the middle of a circular stage. A band surrounds her, but we don’t get aRead Full Review

The Danish Girl

If you want to watch a prime example of how poor editing can really dismantle a film, I’d suggest watching Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl, which spends two hours with a story that it can’t seemRead Full Review


The Rocky series is one of the few film franchises that I truly love. The original film is one of the great American classics, mostly because its screenplay (written by its star, Sylvester Stallone) is a masterpieceRead Full Review