Month: July 2022



How would you behave if the devil returned after twenty years? You might act kind of like Margaret Ballion, a high-ranking medical executive and single parent, whose life is lived by specific rules and preciseRead Full Review


The Gray Man

The Russo brothers have directed some of the highest grossing films in movie history. Their work within the MCU is the peak of populist cinema, kitchen sink ensembles with every superhero you can think of.Read Full Review



The evolution of Jordan Peele from the second most famous person in a beloved sketch comedy duo to Oscar-winning horror director happened in a flash. In his third film, Nope, Peele makes the leap from didactic psychological terror to full-blown blockbuster thriller.Read Full Review


Fire of Love

Fire of Love is a story about love within the ash of active volcanoes. The romance between our two main characters is volcanic in its passion, and the footage of the volcanoes is passionate in itsRead Full Review


The Sea Beast

One would have to search the high seas for a Netflix original animated film that has caught with critics and audiences. Last year’s The Mitchells vs. the Machines is an exception, but that one is alsoRead Full Review


Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

In Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Lesley Manville plays the titular Ada Harris, an English cleaning woman with an infectious, can-do spirit and the patented stiff upper lip. It’s a movie character we’ve seen before; aRead Full Review


Thor: Love and Thunder

We’ve lost Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow (not to mention, The Incredible Hulk seems lost in an unidentified hiatus). Which leaves Thor, the last of the Phase One Avengers, and actor Chris Hemsworth,Read Full Review


Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

It seems pretty simple, at first. An anthropomorphized shell with a beady eye and a pair of pink shoes shares his unique experience of the world. His life is narrow to us, but to himRead Full Review