Month: March 2023


The Lost King

As The Lost King‘s opening credits fly across the screen in kinetic angles, with Alexandre Desplat’s score whirring histrionically in the background, we are given a pretty direct allusion to Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest. If you’veRead Full Review


Boston Strangler

We’ve all heard of stunt casting but nabbing the extremely British Keira Knightley to play a Boston-based investigative reporter in the 1960’s is one for the ages. We’ve spent twenty years cultivating an image ofRead Full Review


Cocaine Bear

Bad-on-purpose is, flatly, not my thing. Films that actively court the notoriety of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode always reek of desperation, an embarrassing attempt to reverse engineer cinematic infamy. Cocaine Bear is working within thisRead Full Review


Creed III

The creative success of 2015’s Creed is a result of director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan perfectly measuring Creed’s character arc against the mythos of Rocky. Rocky Balboa and Adonis Creed have little in common asRead Full Review


The Quiet Girl

There’s a simplicity to the story and the characters throughout The Quiet Girl that could possibly misdirect your expectations. In a tight 94 minutes, writer-director Colm Bairéad manages to exact a wealth of suspense and feeling,Read Full Review