Month: March 2022


Ahed’s Knee

There’s an aggression to the intellectuality of Nadav Lapid’s two latest films. 2019’s Synonyms was a blistering character study of a rowdy young man, and former IMF soldier, trying to flee his military obligations in Israel.Read Full Review


Deep Water

Adrian Lyne is the master of a genre that no longer exists. His erotic thrillers of the 80’s and 90’s were massive hits which titillated audiences and maximized the sex appeal of their stars. The summitRead Full Review


Great Freedom

In the aftermath of World War II, Germany began an arduous journey toward rebuilding; a process that continues to this day. Even after the Allies took down Hitler and emptied the concentration camps, freedom was notRead Full Review


The Batman

In both the first and final acts of The Batman, director Matt Reeves plays the somber sounds of Nirvana’s “Something In The Way”, the morose song that ends their iconic album Nevermind, released in 1991. Nirvana is aRead Full Review


Turning Red

The marriage between Pixar and Disney has turned shaky. Pixar was once the heavy-hitter of Disney’s arsenal, providing both the massive box office returns the studio is accustomed to and consistent high marks on theRead Full Review


After Yang

There’s a reason the uncanny valley is such a rich soil for science fiction. It lies at the heart of the human race’s existential crisis – in our attempts to create life (and prolong it),Read Full Review