Month: August 2013

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

The evolution of the American Western in cinema is a fascinating one. Once the jewel of all Hollywood genres, it was marked by plots outlining black & white moralities. In the 1960’s, the movies becameRead Full Review

Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Lee Daniels is a filmmaker of high ideals and low taste, and he enjoys making the two things clash violently in his films. What usually follows are sloppy stories, interesting casting decisions, and more timesRead Full Review


There is a sincerity within Elysium that’s hard to fault. It really wants to be about something – socioeconomic classes, South African apartheid, brutal federal government – but has a bit of a lazy way of beingRead Full Review

Prince Avalanche

There was once a time, before Pineapple Express and The Sitter and Your Highness, that David Gordon Green was one of the most interesting independent filmmakers in America. From George Washington to All The Real Girls, he was the master of the contemporary,Read Full Review

The Spectacular Now

Before my screening for The Spectacular Now, one of the film’s screenwriters, Michael H. Weber, gave a brief introduction in which he spoke of the film as something that he and his co-writer, Scott Neustadter, sawRead Full Review