Month: August 2014

The One I Love

Outside of their breakout hit from 2005, The Puffy Chair, the Duplass brothers’ films have always felt like high concepts searching for a meaning. The plots and scripts are tight and the performances are inspired, butRead Full Review

Love is Strange

Love is Strange is such an understated piece of filmmaking that some may not realize just how powerful it is. The story’s protagonists are two upper-middle-aged gay men who’ve just gotten married, but it is notRead Full Review

Life After Beth

Life After Beth is another in a string of projects headed by Aubrey Plaza in an effort to streamline the comedienne’s transition from television’s hit show Parks and Recreation to film stardom. Plaza is beautiful and legitimately funny,Read Full Review

About Alex

I’m not sure who was asking for a Big Chill for millennials, but we just got it. It’s an interesting thing to watch a film like About Alex which is so sentimental and obsessed with nostalgia that it’s bothRead Full Review


The Vatican sits in Rome, but no culture is more tightly linked or more implicated by the Catholic Church than the Irish. A large part of their existence is dictated by the strict ideals ofRead Full Review

Guardians of the Galaxy

If we’re considering Guardians of the Galaxy to be amongst the very best of the twenty-first century superheroes movies era – and it seems like we are – I think that most of it’s success, and thatRead Full Review

Magic in the Moonlight

Here’s an interesting statistic: there hasn’t been a single year in my life in which Woody Allen hasn’t released a new film. His institution is well known, but for me personally, the arrival of each new filmRead Full Review