Month: April 2014

Young & Beautiful

It must be embarrassing for Lars von Trier to watch Young & Beautiful and realize that French filmmaker Francois Ozon accomplished everything that he wished to accomplish in his opus Nymphomaniac in nearly a quarter of the time. IRead Full Review


At its basest form, Locke is a gimmick film. Whether it’s fair to do so or not, it’s easy to imagine the responsible filmmaker creating the basic conceit (for this film: one character driving in a carRead Full Review


Nicolas Cage is a fascinating Hollywood persona. He has serious acting chops, but they’re so often misplaced in performances and films that can’t handle him. He’s not like other movie stars, who can just turnRead Full Review

Under The Skin ★★★★

English filmmaker Jonathan Glazer made his name as a director of music videos and commercials. His videos for Jamiroquai (‘Virtual Insanity’) and Radiohead (‘Karma Police’), amongst others, displayed a man who had a virtuosic abilityRead Full Review


Last year’s Prisoners proved that director Denis Villeneuve wanted to be included in the club of contemporary filmmakers trying to become this generation’s Hitchcock. David Fincher, generally considered the best, most formalistically proficient director of Hollywood suspenseRead Full Review