Month: October 2010

Waiting for ‘Superman’

I grew up in a suburb outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and spent my entire education in a public school system that I was convinced was teaching me close to nothing. I graduated from McArthurRead Full Review

Never Let Me Go

I guess I understand why the posters and trailers for Never Let Me Go try to hide the fact that it’s a science fiction film. It’s a genre that has become overloaded in various cliches (usually involvingRead Full Review


It takes some serious sack to pull off a film like Buried. On the surface, it just seems like a giant, suspense film gimmick – even its throwback poster seems more like homage then actual serious filmmaking. AnRead Full Review


As much as I loved The Social Network, there was an aspect of the film that I felt was missing. It’s not a film’s fault if it doesn’t address the concepts that I wanted it to address, butRead Full Review

Let Me In

When I saw the 2008 Swedish film Let The Right One In, I was blown away. This doesn’t happen to me often when it comes to horror films – particularly ones about vampires. So, there wasRead Full Review

The Social Network

It happened in a moment. But when it did, it was irreversible. Eight years ago, nobody knew what Facebook was. Today, for all young people, a world without Facebook seems like a world without televisionRead Full Review