Month: March 2009

Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning has been heavily touted in its previews as “from the producers of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’”. It’s usually the phrase in the largest font on the poster. When you have a film starring Amy Adams,Read Full Review

I Love You, Man

For almost a century, the romantic comedy film has followed the same formula successfully. One person finds another person, at first they may not seem like the right match, but through a series of chanceRead Full Review

Two Lovers

You’d think something along the lines of “Joaquin Phoenix’s final performance” would have a bit of esteem to it, but you wouldn’t know because Phoenix has gone out of his way to throw his reputationRead Full Review

The Class

Like the last few winners of the coveted Cannes Film Festival Palme D’or award, The Class is a film that is exceedingly difficult to describe plot-wise. It’s particularly interested in a French class in an inner-city ParisianRead Full Review


I believe what we have in Watchmen is the first “superhero film” that truly transcends the genre. At one time a fascinating visual experience, and at other times a mind-bending metaphor for the self-destructive gene of humanRead Full Review