Month: February 2016


The Witch ★★★

Robert Eggers’ feature film debut is a brooding, fierce little film that takes pains to tell us that its setting, story and dialogue are based on actual accounts from the time. I’m not sure The WitchRead Full Review


Race ★★

Race is a movie that means well. It has its heart in the right place, the same way that Brian Helgeland’s 2013 film 42 did when it attempted to make a biopic about Jackie Robinson. The problem withRead Full Review


Hail, Caesar! ★★★

The Coen Brothers are the San Antonio Spurs of contemporary Hollywood. They do their work intelligently and efficiently. They get great work out of talent you wouldn’t expect. Very quietly, they have a resume thatRead Full Review


Deadpool ★★

I have little doubt that Deadpool is the movie that its biggest fans want it to be. It’s crude and infantile, deafeningly obnoxious and horribly violent. There is a charm to this film, its complete acceptanceRead Full Review