Month: August 2016


Don’t Breathe ★★★

The emergence of the prestige horror film this decade has allowed very strong filmmakers to work within a genre that’s cheap, prolific and comes with a guaranteed audience. Sam Raimi gave Uruguayan director his commercialRead Full Review


Morris From America ★★½

It never really seems like Morris From America has enough story to fill out its 91 minutes. It’s a unique take on the coming-of-age tale, but it never really puts itself into any unique territory. NewcomerRead Full Review


Hell or High Water ★★★★

Taylor Sheridan’s screenplay for Hell or High Water is amongst the most masterful depictions of a specific, decaying American culture I’ve seen in a while. It’s right up there with No Country for Old Men and TheRead Full Review


Kubo and the Two Strings ★★★

If Pixar has stood out amongst animation studios for its unmatched critical and commercial success, than Laika has also stood out, for its dogged dedication to the labor-intensive art of stop-motion animation. Travis Knight hasRead Full Review


Little Men ★★★½

Ira Sachs’ last two films are such a beautiful distillation of everyday life, a peep into the domestic sides of New York City living that is both poignant and direct. 2014’s Love is Strange was aRead Full Review


Jason Bourne ★★½

The Bourne franchise isn’t nearly as intelligent as it thinks it is. It’s suggestion of commentary on our political climate is shallow at best, but that’s okay. The original Bourne trilogy was the perfect action seriesRead Full Review


Don’t Think Twice ★★★

Mike Birbiglia’s transformation from cult favorite stand-up comic to filmmaker makes a little bit more sense than Louis CK’s. Birbiglia’s comedy was always more story-oriented, more of a one-man show than a traditional comedy set.Read Full Review