Month: November 2007

Away From Her ★★★★

It starts off very small for Fiona and Grant. She mistakenly places pots and pans into the refrigerator or has trouble remembering the name of wine. Grant doesn’t think she’s afflicted–he feels that she’s tooRead Full Review

Enchanted ★★★

When Enchanted opens, we see Princess Giselle; she is a cartoon and is summoning all her animal friends and expresses her wanting for “true love’s first kiss”. This is a statement that is repeated (frequently sung) throughoutRead Full Review

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead ★★

Sidney Lumet has already established himself as a masterful filmmaker. Few people in the movie business can boast credits that include 12 Angry Men, Network, Dog Day Afternoon, and The Verdict. It seems strange, then, a couple of yearsRead Full Review

American Gangster ★★½

In American Gangster we see the story of Frank Lucas and Richie Roberts. Frank Lucas is the most powerful man in Harlem, with the most powerful heroin empire of it’s time. Richie Roberts is the good-natured copRead Full Review