Month: October 2016


The Handmaiden ★★★★

Park Chan-Wook’s latest film, The Handmaiden, sits comfortably between eroticism and romance, between love and depravity. In a way, it’s about the difference between caring deeply for another person, and caring deeply about sleeping with anotherRead Full Review


Moonlight ★★★★

The idea of identity is something movies (and, it should probably be said, humans) have tried to come to grips with since the very beginning. The process of finding out who you are is life-long. WeRead Full Review


Certain Women ★★★

I’ve worried that I don’t possess the kind of patience a viewer may need to sit through a Kelly Reichardt film. It’s not that her films are bad or even boring. They always contain aRead Full Review


Aquarius ★★★

A film like Aquarius – a patient, thoughtful film that takes on a wide variety of themes including gentrification, mortality and gender – is something to be cherished. Is it perhaps too long? Definitely. Kleber MendoncaRead Full Review


The Girl on the Train ★

Paula Hawkins’ novel The Girl on the Train is the kind of not-very-good pulp fiction that is capable of making a very good movie. The book was packaged as a sort of further reading suggestion forRead Full Review


Denial ★★

Director Mick Jackson has produced a lot of work for television, and that makes a lot of sense when you watch a film like Denial. I don’t mean to denigrate television – lord knows weRead Full Review