Month: November 2017


Thelma ★★½

The mental landscape of Joachim Trier’s characters is frightful. Often they’re circumstances lead them into a depression. Medication, whether self-inflicted or otherwise, is a resort many of his characters take to. In Thelma, a young girl playedRead Full Review


A Fantastic Woman ★★★

At one point, near the middle of Sebastián Lelio’s latest film, A Fantastic Woman, the film’s main character, Marina Vidal, is referred to, pejoratively, as a chimera. She does not react to the odd specificity ofRead Full Review


Last Flag Flying ★★★

Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying is about as good a movie can be with the acting talent it has. The film is based on a novel by Darryl Ponicsan (who co-wrote the script with Linklater) whichRead Full Review


Lady Bird ★★★★

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird has the kind of flaws that most first features have (this is Gerwig’s first solo directing credit). It tends to be representative of its titular protagonist, Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson – strong-willed,Read Full Review


Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

The Marvel Universe has moved past self-consciousness and gone straight to parody. Five years ago, this version of Thor: Ragnarok would have been called “Phor: I’m a rock” and it would have been produced and directedRead Full Review


The Square ★★★★

The kind of satire that Ruben Östlund is doing with his 2014 film Force Majeure and his newest film, The Square, strikes right at the heart of contemporary society. Force Majeure dissected the state of the standard binary family in aRead Full Review