Month: September 2013

Blue Caprice

Blue Caprice is a movie that documents real, true mental instability. Much like the movies Zodiac and In Cold Blood, it covers a true story of a killer who’s motive is not money or jealousy the way we likeRead Full Review


The world of Formula 1 racing is one of constant danger with every race presenting a twenty-percent chance of a racer dying – as we’re told by one of the characters early in this film.Read Full Review


The themes of Prisoners have been done countless times before, but that doesn’t mean that an interesting film cannot be made from them. It seems in American cinemas there is nothing more terrifying then the abduction ofRead Full Review

In A World…

Feels like Lake Bell has been around for a very long time. She’s been given a million chances to catch fire with movie audiences. It just hasn’t happened. It’s a lot similar to what keepsRead Full Review


Most of what makes J.D. Salinger one of the most celebrated writers of the Twentieth Century is his uncanny ability to translate the mental trauma of his own life and reflect it into his charactersRead Full Review

The Grandmaster

When someone as good as Wong Kar Wai doesn’t make a movie for six years, his latest movie is going to be an event, which The Grandmaster is. Six years is a good enough amount of timeRead Full Review

Drinking Buddies

Alas, the days of Mumblecore seem numbered. So long ago seem the days of The Puffy Chair and Funny Ha Ha, when wannabe actors like Mark Duplass and Andrew Bujalski were taking matters into their own hands, writingRead Full Review

Short Term 12

There’s something so simple about how beautiful Short Term 12 is. It doesn’t beg for your approval or squeeze pity out of you with its frank subject matter. It expresses itself effortlessly with a drum-tight screenplay andRead Full Review