Month: August 2018


Madeline’s Madeline

In making a film about conceptual art, it would only make sense for the film itself to be conceptual as well. And so, writer-director Josephine Decker delves shockingly deep into the fractured mind of Madeline (aRead Full Review


The Wife

I’ve never read Meg Wolitzer’s novel, The Wife, but it’s adaptation is one of those films that seems like it’s a much better book. The film stars Glenn Close as Jane Castleman, the supportive wife ofRead Full Review


Crazy Rich Asians

The kind of romantic comedy that Crazy Rich Asians is attempting to be is something that Hollywood hardly makes anymore. It’s the kind of romance that depends on the audience’s familiarity with the story, its uniquenessRead Full Review



If Spike Lee’s form of provocation seems on-the-nose, it’s only because the world has caught up to his particular vision of our culture. Lee has often been controversial, has been accused of paranoia, charged asRead Full Review


Christopher Robin

Watching Christopher Robin, Disney’s new take on the Winnie-the-Pooh franchise, I was reminded of Steven Spielberg’s Hook, another film based on a children’s series which asked the audience to imagine a beloved child character as an adult.Read Full Review