Month: March 2016


Midnight Special ★★★

Midnight Special is Jeff Nichols’ fourth feature. To this point, all of his films are deconstructions of the American South; part commentary, part appreciation. He dissects the region’s virtues and prejudices, its insanities and its mythologies.Read Full Review


Hello, My Name is Doris ★★★

What a wonderfully sweet snack of a movie Hello, My Name is Doris turned out to be. Michael Showalter, of Wet Hot American Summer fame, gets behind the camera and directs only his second feature film, butRead Full Review


Knight of Cups ★★½

There’s so much to like in Knight of Cups. It’s got a great assortment of beautiful actors, caught up in another swirling cinematic ballet from Terrence Malick. Since his fifth film, The Tree of Life (aRead Full Review


Zootopia ★★★½

Calling Zootopia a film for children is not inaccurate, but it skips a very important piece of information: the substance in this film’s screenplay (written by co-director Jared Bush and Phil Johnston) is made forRead Full Review