Month: September 2014

The Boxtrolls

The work from Laika Studios – the only major animation studio focusing exclusively on stop-motion animation – is unique in a very charming way. They have not given in to the cheaper, less labor-intensive, moreRead Full Review

Art and Craft

The new documentary Art and Craft delves deeper into the subjectivity of art appreciation than any other film I’ve seen in a good long while. What makes art, in all its forms, so fascinating to the humanRead Full Review

This is Where I Leave You

They say authors shouldn’t adapt their own novels. The connection to the story is too strong, and the author will feel too loyal towards things that work very well in one medium, and not veryRead Full Review

The Skeleton Twins

There’s a measure of unhappiness that’s displayed in The Skeleton Twins that’s hard to pull off in most movies. The kind of depression that comes with everyday life, that’s easy to dismiss when watching from the outside.Read Full Review