Month: April 2018



Chilean director Sebastián Lelio seems obsessed with the various female experiences within a patriarchal society. His 2013 masterpiece, Gloria, was about a middle-aged woman who has the spirit of a twenty-something and is unafraid to showRead Full Review



On the shores of Colonial South America, the men of the Spanish Empire sit within the torturous humidity, surrounded by bitter indigenous groups and mysterious diseases, waiting for news from home. One of those men, DonRead Full Review


Lean on Pete

Lean on Pete is English film director Andrew Haigh’s dive into the iconography of Americana. It’s story (the script is by Haigh, and based on a novel by Willy Vlautin) allows him to set upRead Full Review


You Were Never Really Here

Some people never get a real chance. Some are chewed up by life from the start, a tragic victim of circumstance and chance. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joe in You Were Never Really Here is one of thoseRead Full Review



Gemini could be a lot funnier. It could be a lot more suspenseful. It could be creepier, sexier, more verbose. It instead settles for a bland storyline framed by neo-noir archetypes. Writer-director Aaron Katz isRead Full Review


Isle of Dogs

Since his fourth feature, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, filmmaker Wes Anderson has shown an affinity with traversing the world and force-feeding his sharp, deadpan view of humanity into these non-American settings. The films oftenRead Full Review