Month: July 2008

The Wackness

Being born in 1989, there’s seldom a time when I get to see a movie that is nostalgic for a time that I actually remember. Luckily for me, The Wackness is just that kind of movie. ARead Full Review

Step Brothers

The problem with most mainstream comedies these days–the reason why most of them seem anything but funny–is because they simply don’t make the effort to tell adequate jokes. They depend mostly on sight gags, whichRead Full Review

Savage Grace

Poor little Tony Baekland. Being raised by two as vain and irresponsible as Brooks and Barbara Baekland, there seemed to be little choice for what Tony could do with his life. It was their selfishnessRead Full Review

The Dark Knight

I’m a huge basketball fan. And I spent much of late April to early June glued to the television watching the NBA playoffs (not even a movie could pull me away). Unfortunately, marketers found basketballRead Full Review


Who doesn’t like Will Smith lately? The answer seems to be nobody, as he headlines Hancock, a film which is sure to be his seventh or eighth blockbuster in a row. He is easily the mostRead Full Review


This is the kind of film that makes the Hollywood summer season great. A little under two hours of sharp wit, beautiful stars, and highly stylized mayhem, all coming together to make the most exciting,Read Full Review

The Visitor

Prof. Walter Vale is old. Not in the actual sense, though. He lives, drives, and works in a perfectly functional way, and gravity hasn’t yet begun it’s unavoidable battle with his skin, but figuratively speaking,Read Full Review


Ever since Toy Story, Pixar studios has produced some of the best films of the last decade. Finding Nemo and Ratatouille were unbelievably sweet films which charmed audiences, and won Oscars, while The Incredibles was a masterpiece about family and responsibility. TheirRead Full Review