Month: October 2021


The Souvenir Part II

Just a simple plot reading of Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir – a young film student starts a passionate but fraught relationship with a charismatic heroin addict – will not do justice to the complexity of the emotionsRead Full Review


The Last Duel

The very title of The Last Duel promises bloodshed and it delivers. From early on, we get Game of Thrones-level brutality, blood spurting and spraying everywhere, battles coming down to excruciating slaughter. But The Last Duel is also Rashomon,Read Full Review



Dune is a bit of a white whale for the film community. David Lynch’s 1984 attempt is considered to be the renowned director’s biggest flop. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s attempt at an adaptation in the 70’s was suchRead Full Review


The French Dispatch

With each subsequent film, Wes Anderson has only become more persistent as a practitioner of his singular style. His tableau-style shot framing, sandpaper-dry humor and affected performances are the trademarks that have crested over ten films. TheRead Full Review


Bergman Island

Not sure there is any region of the world more defined by a single filmmaker than Scandinavia is by Ingmar Bergman. The legendary and prolific director made over sixty films in a sixty-one year period,Read Full Review


The Velvet Underground

How do you make a movie about this band? The very name, The Velvet Underground, suggests a hidden danger, an unquestioned coolness that can’t be put into words. I think that’s part of what draws in ToddRead Full Review



What does it mean to make a connection? Empathy is probably the main ingredient, then understanding. Titane is a film about two people who – by some miracle – find each other when they need itRead Full Review