Month: September 2021


The Card Counter

Paul Schrader is a man preoccupied. His protagonists are men tortured by demons both inside and out. Their journey toward moral purity often comes at a great personal cost – usually their life. One of Schrader’s biggestRead Full Review


Cry Macho

There is probably no more perfect example of a film made for same-day streaming release than Cry Macho, a film that’s existence in every way – physically, theoretically, spiritually – is indebted to it’s director-star Clint Eastwood.Read Full Review


Mogul Mowgli

It’s hard not to see the similarities between Mogul Mowgli and last year’s Sound of Metal. Both films star Riz Ahmed in a blisteringly good performance as a musician (in Metal, he’s a drummer; in Mowgli, he’s a rapper)Read Full Review



In a brief scene early in the new Candyman film, a supporting character named Troy (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) tells his sister Brianna (Teyonah Parris) a spooky true story about the Chicago area she now lives in. The storyRead Full Review