Month: April 2020


Bad Education

Bad Education premiered on HBO Sunday night, 4/26/20. It is now available on HBOGo and HBONow. There was controversy when HBO snatched up Bad Education in the bidding war that followed its successful premiere at lastRead Full Review


Battleship Potemkin

Sergei Eisenstein’s association with evolution in film editing is well-chronicled. He and his Soviet peers established the foundations of “montage” as a technique to rouse emotion within the audience, and Battleship Potemkin is often sighted as Eisenstein’sRead Full Review

lady-macbeth-movie (1)

Lady Macbeth

In a short amount of time, Florence Pugh has shown herself to be a multifaceted talent as an actress. In half a decade, she’s shown an incredible range from her Oscar-nominated Amy March in Little Women,Read Full Review


Eyes of Laura Mars

Camp has always been difficult to tie down. Even minds as renowned as Susan Sontag have had their studious definitions called into question by those who prefer to use the eye test – “You knowRead Full Review


Daughters of the Dust

It may seem strange today – it certainly surprised me – to learn that Daughters of the Dust was, in 1991, the first feature film ever directed by a black woman to receive a theatrical releaseRead Full Review



“I’m never serious about anything.” – Warren Beatty as George Roundy in Shampoo Set on the day of the 1968 Presidential Election, Shampoo gives itself the benefit of hindsight. Released in 1975, the film’s characters traverse acrossRead Full Review



The ascension of a midnight movie comes from hitting that sweet spot between bubbling self-awareness and dismissive carelessness. People will make themselves blue arguing as to whether camp can be self-aware, or to what level it shouldRead Full Review



A trademark of European cinema from the 40’s through the 60’s is its expansion of cinematic forms, but even the word ‘expansion’ often feels limiting. Through expansion, filmmakers in countries like Italy and (most famously)Read Full Review