Month: April 2022


The Northman

Through three films, Robert Eggers has shown us a wide variety of grotesqueries, ranging from the haunted spirits of The Witch to the self-imposed depravities of The Lighthouse. His latest (and, by far, his biggest) film travels allRead Full Review


Petite Maman

As Petite Maman opens, the eight-year-old Nelly (Joséphine Sanz) politely says goodbye to several old women in a hospital, dutifully visiting each room and giving a fond but final “au revoir“. Saying goodbye is important to her, andRead Full Review



How do I come to grips with Ambulance? The film is directed by Michael Bay, a filmmaker I’d long considered to be the definition of cinematic dearth, a panderer of racist and misogynistic stereotypes whose derangedRead Full Review


The Lost City

Early in The Lost City, our heroine, best-selling author Loretta Sage (played with wondrous charm and aplomb by Sandra Bullock), is given a sequined jumpsuit to wear for the first event of her much-awaited book tour.Read Full Review


Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once reaches levels of absurdity mostly unseen outside of Charlie Kaufman or David Lynch. Its endless appetite for zaniness can feel (and did feel) like an assault of quirk – aRead Full Review