Month: June 2022


Official Competition

The film industry satire is almost as old as the industry itself. The navel gazing aspect of the genre can lead to something that is more vain than deconstructive, and perhaps that’s why so manyRead Full Review


Cha Cha Real Smooth

We are still feeling the ripple effects of mumblecore, an American indie film movement that really spearheaded a particular kind of cinematic mediocrity that somehow passed for art. I don’t mean to say that thereRead Full Review


Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

The politics of the bedroom is the central focus of Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. Emma Thompson plays Nancy Stokes, a widow and retired school teacher on the other side of sixty. Her life hasRead Full Review



One of Adam Sandler’s many everyman traits that he touts in interviews and various celebrity appearances is that he loves basketball. I, too, love basketball. I also love Adam Sandler movies – well, at leastRead Full Review


Crimes of the Future

The Canadian film director David Cronenberg has been consistently grossing out audiences for over fifty years. He is the undisputed face of body horror, a storyteller who spends no time deciphering between the grotesque and the sensual.Read Full Review


The Bob’s Burgers Movie

There isn’t much to be said here. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is essentially a 100-minute episode of the enduringly popular animated series Bob’s Burgers. Fans of the show will get what they want: clever, hilarious dialogue withRead Full Review