Month: October 2013

The Counselor

The plot of The Counselor is complicated in a way that leaves you with very little enthusiasm to actually figure it out. There’s nothing engrossing about this film and these characters. It’s story is not just bleak,Read Full Review

All Is Lost

The theme of survival has been explicit throughout the heavy-hitting October releases. Gravity put a frail biomedical scientist against grave odds to survive being lost in space. Captain Phillips showed one man’s attempt to maneuver his way out ofRead Full Review

12 Years a Slave

In a post Django Unchained movie climate, a film like 12 Years a Slave might get swallowed. Both films put almost Mel Gibson-like focus on the brutality of American slavery, soaking the audience in the horrors and the bloodRead Full Review

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

When you consider that we live in a movie culture where Hollywood has so desperately run out of ideas that they’re making movies out of 500-word children’s books, you have to appreciate the effort putRead Full Review

Captain Phillips

It’s hard to think of a movie star like Tom Hanks – someone who has been a movie star for such a sustained, lucrative period of time – and think that he will be ableRead Full Review

Don Jon

Thanks to the internet, the development of wifi technology and the boom of video ripping/bootleg movies, pornography is more available to the public than it ever has been before. There is a lot consumption goingRead Full Review


Gravity opens with text meant to reinforce how terrifying outer space is. It seemed like the kind of thing added self-consciously at the last minute because the last thing this movie needs is a list ofRead Full Review

Enough Said

Nicole Holofcener goes out of her way to make movies about women, but she has no interest at looking at them through the Nancy Meyers, feminist-lite lens. She just has stories in her head, mostRead Full Review