Month: June 2017


The Beguiled ★★½

There’s a certain swampiness to Sofia Coppola’s latest film, a deliberate humidity that the movie enforces upon the audience. Not since Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy have I felt so clammy. Both films take place in theRead Full Review


It Comes At Night ★★★

Trey Edward Shults has only been in the cinematic consciousness for a little over a year, after his first feature, Krisha, came out in the Spring of 2016. That film was so incredible in such a sharp,Read Full Review


Wonder Woman ★★★

At the end of Wonder Woman‘s first act, Gal Gadot’s superhero, Diana, is warned by Connie Nielsen’s Queen Hippolyta that the world of men is a treacherous place, and that “They don’t deserve you”. It’s notRead Full Review


Band Aid ★★★

Band Aid is getting a lot of good press because it was shot with an all-female crew. I couldn’t say whether this is actually the first film ever to do this (I would guess thatRead Full Review