Month: July 2014

Land Ho!

The two main characters in Land Ho! are purposefully crafted with such contrasting personalities, a boon toward the odd couple dynamic that’s played throughout the film. Paul Eenhoorn is an Australian actor whose silky accent compliments hisRead Full Review


In Richard Linklater’s beloved Before trilogy, Ethan Hawke plays a novelist named Jesse. In Before Sunset and Before Midnight, Jesse is given a particular scene to describe his ideas for future novels and all of his interests seem to dealRead Full Review

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is not like most of the sequels coming out this summer (or the last five summers, really). The only characters that have stuck around from the 2011 Rise of theRead Full Review

Life Itself

When Roger Ebert died in April of last year, I wrote a long piece about it on this blog in which I hoped to put across that there is not a single writer that I have readRead Full Review

Begin Again

With the release of Once in 2007, Irish director John Carney showed that he has a real connection with pop music and a real talent for displaying that connection on the big screen. Most of the creditRead Full Review