Month: November 2023



There’s a moment at about the halfway point of Maestro, the latest film from actor/director Bradley Cooper, where our protagonist, Leonard Bernstein (played resplendently by Cooper), explains to a sycophantic interviewer that he’s actually gravely disappointedRead Full Review


May December

May December is a film about the creative process, but not in the ways you might expect. Natalie Portman plays a famous actress who agrees to play a real life woman. That real life womanRead Full Review



It’s obvious that Emerald Fennell strives to be considered amongst cinema’s greatest provocateurs, yearns to rank amongst the Lars von Triers and Catherine Breillats of the world. Her taste for evocative imagery hints at a talentedRead Full Review


Perfect Days

If happiness is measured by our reality divided by our expectations, then being content should be as simple as following that equation. This seems to be the case for Himayama, the protagonist of Perfect Days, the latest filmRead Full Review



What you see in Nyad – a film that spends most of its time in the vast ocean of the Florida Straights – is the difficulty of film adaptation. The story of Diana Nyad is compellingRead Full Review


The Delinquents

If you’ve ever worked a day in your life, Rodrigo Moreno’s The Delinquents will pummel you with its stark views on the entrapment that is Life Under Capitalism. At over three hours, the film concerns itselfRead Full Review