Month: January 2008


Through the process of looking up Gregory Holbit’s resume on IMDb, I felt pretty ignorant in finding that he is the same man who directed Primal Fear and Frequency. I enjoyed both films, thought they were clever, andRead Full Review

The Kite Runner

Within the story of The Kite Runner you have something that is incredibly touching, painfully sad, profoundly heroic, and simply wonderful. Based on the best-selling novel by Khaled Hosseini, the film translates comfortably to the screen withinRead Full Review

There Will Be Blood

No filmmaker in the last ten years has been more enigmatic than Paul Thomas Anderson. His films range from the extremely quirky romantic comedy Punch-Drunk Love, the meditation on the decadence of the 70’s porn industry, BoogieRead Full Review

Charlie Wilson’s War

Mike Nichol’s new film tells a very interesting, but very true story. For close to fifty years, America laid in fear of the Communist empire in the Soviet Union, and the constant stand-off of nuclearRead Full Review

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

“Besides my left eye, there are only two things that aren’t paralyzed: my imagination and my memory.”- Jean-Dominique Bauby And so goes one of the more memorable lines from Julian Schnabel’s revolutionary new film The DivingRead Full Review

Revolutionary Road

Richard Yates’ novel Revolutionary Road is a fondly remembered novel about marriage in the 1950’s, and how quickly paradise can become purgatory. It’s a biting story, critical of the average American’s striving need to conform to societalRead Full Review


There are only two ways that the events in Atonement are presented. They are presented as they happen, but they are also presented through the conspicuous eyes and imagination of Briony Tallis. The two points of viewRead Full Review